Answering with Hope

Confidential referrals, guidance and education to prevent, alleviate and heal emotional suffering.

Chicago Hope provides mental health education, advocacy, and confidential referrals, with an eye towards creating a healthier, happier community. Our client advocates work with clients to find services that fit their particular needs, including religious observance and insurance. The staff at Chicago Hope believe in empowering each person who calls so that they can self-advocate for their wellbeing, improving their chances for long-lasting health and healing.


Personalization. We won’t just give you a list of names to call and send you on your way, leaving you to discover that all or most aren’t taking on new clients or won’t accept your insurance.  

Our approach is very hands-on. When we give you a referral, you know that the person you call is not only available, they’re a match for you: your insurance, your wellness concerns, and your personality.


We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. Ultimately, only your personal client advocate will have access to your personal information. Any disclosure of your information is done with your consent and only for the purposes of your treatment, i.e., to your therapist when making the referral. If it becomes necessary for anyone else to get involved, it can only be done with your express knowledge.

We’d rather speak to the person themselves whenever possible. When we talk to intermediaries, we’ve found that they rarely have the information we need to make a successful referral, such as a person’s insurance information, availability, treatment history, personality preferences, and more.

If you are calling on behalf of a child, we’ll eventually want to speak to them directly. This will help us get the most accurate read on the situation, allowing us to connect them to the best available resources.

Our #1 priority is to connect you with the professional who will be the best fit for you. While there are about 60+ incredible therapists in our community, we recognize that they don’t cover all the diverse needs of our clients in terms of specialty, availability, insurance, or personality fit.
If you specifically want an “in-house” therapist, we’ll work with you to find one. Still, we also have a pool of great therapists outside the community whom we’ve vetted to ensure they can provide solid, sensitive services for the Jewish community.

We look at two criteria to evaluate whether therapy is working:

A. Are you getting better? We don’t just mean the symptoms that led you to call us in the first place are clearing up; we mean your overall wellness. We want to see that your life is improving specifically and generally as a result of therapy.

B. Have you and your therapist formed a strong therapeutic alliance? Are you two on the same page regarding goals, the content you want to cover, and the methods being used? For success, you’ll need to feel respected, comfortable, and entirely on board with the way things are going.
As a referral service, we work with clients to make sure they go into therapy prepared with their goals, and follow-up to ensure the referral we provided is improving their lives. If something is off, we’ll assist you in navigating the relationship, or in finding a new professional.

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