We are so grateful to Chaverim for helping our daughter and her friends when they had a flat tire in a vacant lot at 10:30 pm last night. - R.P.

As a mother of a large family with a newborn baby, Helping Hands brings me sanity and enables me to focus my energies on my children. - T.J.

Daf Digest is amazing; the stories and Halacha column give life to the daily Daf Yomi shiur I give. - M.B; Melbourne, Australia

We are grateful to Refuah-311 for all your help in guiding us through our baby's surgery. You ensured we would find the proper team of doctors and hospital to be Hashem's shaliach. - D.R.

My son and I benefit so much from learning together at the Fathers & Sons Shabbos Program. We have continued our learning on weeknights - a development that would not have materialized, if not for your phenomenal program.

I am so glad to have learned crucial information at the informative CPR course. - M. B.

Thank you for all the help you provided us through the Chesed E-Chain. It shows how deeply Ahavas Yisroel runs in this community.

With the help of Mishna Berura Yomi I was able to finish the cycle! - S.M.

I found a job through your wonderful Achdus Bulletin!

Our 2 year old daughter slipped in the tub right before Shabbos and we needed to go to the E/R. My wife grabbed the Refuah-311 Taxi Cards and they gave us one less thing to worry about in those stressful moments. - D.G.

Thank you for the wonderful Yeshivas HaMasmidim Zichron Mordechai Leib. It has markedly changed my son's attitude towards learning.

Through the Achdus Bulletin I found someone to take a package to Cleveland. - R.P.

Daf Digest provides superb and excellent chazara. Everyone in my shiur benefits from it. This is an indispensible tool for anyone doing the Daf! - M.D.; Toronto, Canada

Erev Pesach I had to rush with my mother to the E/R. Sometime during the day I realized I was hungry and learned about the Refuah-311 Pantry. I went down and took grape juice, candy, applesauce, and tuna. You cannot imagine what it meant to me.

Your Daf Digest publication provides those of us in our senior years with the opportunity to learn Daf Yomi again and gain new insights into our learning.

The Community Service Emails enables all of us to be more connected, especially during times of sadness. Thank you for providing this important service.

The quality of your Mishna Berura Yomi Digest changed my life! In 15 minutes we find all the essentials of the amud in a clear and precise way of learning. - C.B.

After my young son locked himself in the bathroom, I called Chaverim and volunteers came within minutes to open the door and free my son. - P.M.

Thank you for sending us the new Acheinu. It's a fantastic resource. - N.H.

Thank you for the comfortable Hachnosas Orchim accommodations. We really appreciated being hosted by a community that cares. - B.P.

I can't thank Refuah-311 enough for all the chassodim you have done for my family. May Hashem give you the koach to always help Klal Yisroel. - M.W.

The Food for Cholim Zichron Yaakov Shabbos seuda was wonderful - from Kiddush to the food. And we appreciated the Halachos for Shabbos pamphlet.

My family and I want to thank you for Helping Hands cleaning help. What a wonderful service! May Hashem give you Koach and resources to continue helping women recuperating from childbirth!

I listen to the Mishna Berura Yomi lectures constantly and have already learned half the Mishna Berurah. I could not have done it without you. Thank you for the wonderful service to the Torah community.

My thanks to the Dollars With Sense for helping me organize my finances. I am impressed by your professionalism, your integrity, and your dedication to your work.

From referrals in Chicago and out-of-town, to newborn help, to emergency arrangements - Refuah-311 has been there in every hour of our need. - E.G.

I am in the Army as you can tell from my e-mail address. I look forward to receiving the Daf Digest because it helps me with learning and keeping a connection with Torah observance. - Y. G.

Thank you for enabling us to get All Kids coverage. My child has a chronic medical condition, and All Kids provides the necessary and expensive medication. Without it, we would be in tremendous debt. - E.R.

I have such Hakaros Hatov for the Tuesdays with Rifkie program my mother attends. Rifkie is wonderful - warm, giving, and patient. My mother looks forward to the program each week.

My wife and I had a tire blow out on the highway. We made it off the ramp and called Chaverim. Within 20 minutes my tire was changed. - J.K.

Thank you for the unparalleled Hachnosas Orchim. You put major thought into all amenities to ensure our comfort and helped ease a challenging time. - Family S; Israel

Refuah-311's Rabbi Matzliach helped me get a top cardiologist for my mother, and was instrumental in her care. There are no words to express my hakaras hatov.

Last Shabbos we went to the hospital for the birth of our baby. My husband enjoyed a seuda from the Refuah-311 Pantry. He even made Havdalah with grape juice & besamim. Thank you for what you do & the thought behind it - to help in the best possible way.

Every morning I open my email and use Daf Digest to review the Daf I learned the night before. No better way to start the day! - Y.R.; Beit Shemesh, Israel

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